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EarPrint App

EarPrint App

Change the way you hear the world

Personalize your sound like never before with EarPrint™ — the revolutionary Smartphone App* that gives you ultimate sound quality control on both sides of the call. Explore the unique capabilities of PersonalSound™ and other features above or download the app for your smartphone below. EarPrint™ is designed exclusively for use with Sound ID SIX, 510 and 512 Bluetooth© Headsets.

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*Works with iPhone 4s and Siri, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, Android 2.1 and higher, BB Torch 9800, BB Storm (9550, 9530, 9520), Tour 9630, Bold (9000, 9650, 9700), Curve 3G (9300, 9330), Curve (8520,8530, 8900), Blackberry 8520/8530/9300/9330 (minimum OS: 5.0), Blackberry 9000 (minimum OS: 5.0), Blackberry 9500/9520/9530/9550/9800 (minimum OS: 5.0), Blackberry 9810.